I have created storyboards for advertising campaigns, feature films and television commercials, live-action and animation.

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Some rough boards for the Web Series, PBS Studios “I Contain Multitudes”:

PBS Studios “I Contain Multitudes”.

PBS Studios “I Contain Multitudes”.

Here are rough boards for YP.Com viral campaign. A yellow cube flips and morphs into different shapes. Each set of 6 pages represent 2 separate spots.

yp_search_save_roughs01 yp_search_save_roughs02 yp_search_save_roughs03 yp_search_save_roughs04 yp_search_save_roughs05 yp_search_save_roughs06 yp_suite_of_savings_roughs01 yp_suite_of_savings_roughs02 yp_suite_of_savings_roughs03 yp_suite_of_savings_roughs04 yp_suite_of_savings_roughs05 yp_suite_of_savings_roughs06

Here are the 2 animatics roughly timed, using the cleaned up art: animatic 01 from Tom Rubalcava on Vimeo. animatic 02 from Tom Rubalcava on Vimeo.

Posted here are recent boards for an American Express commercial directed by Todd Selby.

For Westernized Production in SF. OnLive campaign:

Dick’s Sporting Goods TV Ad – Columbia:

In this Blog Link, you can see boards I created from ‘Howl’ Feature Film 2010 and layouts from the 2009 Documentary ‘The Most Dangerous Man in America – The Daniel Ellsberg and The Pentagon Papers’.

A sampling of boards from ‘Elf Bowling Movie: The Great North Pole Elf Strike’:

Feature shooting boards (click image to enlarge):

In addition to storyboards in a related category are Story Sketches/Illustrations and Sequentials. Here’s a Pictorial Short Story:

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