Fall upon us…

Man, what a crazy Summer and crazy year. A bit tragic, sad and quite unpredictable. So now that Fall is here and Winter is about to bare down, the New Year can only bring better days – at least one can hope. During a shining moment, near the close of the Summer months, that ‘hope’ appeared in the form of a lovely young lady making her way to nearby Art School just a block or two from Maverix Studios where I work. It was another of those moments that I had to capture as a pleasant memory in this digital painting – not unlike those moments when the “Winter Girl” makes her annual appearance.

It was a moment that lifted my spirits, at least for that day. Things got a little better in life from that point on.

Here are a couple more digital sketches for the sake of drawing lovely ladies as usual:

Have a great Fall season folks, and I’ll see you again real soon here.


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Tom has worked for over two decades in television, advertising, and feature film animation. Tom was Character Sculptor and Effects Animator on the Warner Bros/Lorimar Gumby Adventures‚ TV series (1987-1988) and Gumby Movie‚ the stop-motion feature film (1991). In 1991 at Colossal Pictures, Tom's Animation Direction debut Coca-Cola Watch‚ won a Clio Award. In 2000 he became Co-Partner at Way Out West Prods in San Francisco. Tom joined Maverix Studios in October of 2002 and was a dedicated principal member of the group until September 2011. Tom is now an artist for hire.
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2 Responses to Fall upon us…

  1. Chris Boyd says:

    Yeaaa!!! A post!

    I love the hope girl. It’s one of my favorite things you’ve done. The colors are beautiful. They are like hyper-real. I just want to stare at it.

    Good to see you back.


  2. That’s a great way to refer to her, Chris – the ‘Hope Girl’. Thanks, great to be back!


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