Nothin’ like a good old Art Sale

As many of you know, there have been a number of art exhibit/auctions at Maverix Studios. Not all of the art was sold, although there have been sell outs on occasion at these events. The entries by all the contributors have been great works of art and the buyers were bound to get good deals on the purchases. Well, now it’s time for me to put on a “clearing house” – if you will – of my own. I have sold some art at these exhibits myself, but I have plenty left in my flat file with pieces like this one:

There are 30 some odd pieces, both black & white and color if you’re at all interested. So look through the gallery and see if anything calls out to you, send me an email and we’ll work out the details. Click below or go to my website to see what’s for sale.
Gallery Page

Thanks so much for dropping by and thanks in advance for considering a purchase or two.

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Tom has worked for over two decades in television, advertising, and feature film animation. Tom was Character Sculptor and Effects Animator on the Warner Bros/Lorimar Gumby Adventures‚ TV series (1987-1988) and Gumby Movie‚ the stop-motion feature film (1991). In 1991 at Colossal Pictures, Tom's Animation Direction debut Coca-Cola Watch‚ won a Clio Award. In 2000 he became Co-Partner at Way Out West Prods in San Francisco. Tom joined Maverix Studios in October of 2002 and was a dedicated principal member of the group until September 2011. Tom is now an artist for hire.
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2 Responses to Nothin’ like a good old Art Sale

  1. Alan says:

    I definitely want to pick one up? Any of these bad boys taken yet?

  2. Nothin’s gone from this gallery yet. Just let me know…

    Thanks Al.

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