A donation, an interview and some sketches

…In that order.

A Donation:

I haven’t gotten any bids on the “Jungle Girl” piece (Come on folks, it’s for a good cause! See previous post.), BUT we just got exciting news that the “Moxy” sculpt was sold to John Stevenson of Dreamworks, the designer and puppeteer of the live motion-capture character, back when we worked together at Colossal Pictures during the 1990’s. Way to go, John! Proceeds will go to the Alzheimer’s Assoc.

An interview:

I recently had email correspondence with Mahesh Bhat, a gracious and friendly fellow who has an ongoing blog publication ‘KalaaLog’. The site is devoted to digital art, with tutorials and other helpful tips and resources. He asked if I would mind being interviewed and published in this insightful and well-executed site. I humbly agreed and I thought I would share it and the contents of Mr. Bhat’s publications. Thanks for a pleasant opportunity, Mahesh!

Some sketches:

Here is a series of beautiful faces of random girls I’ve come across in print and on the web. The sketches were done in pencil for the most part and done as quickly as I could without destroying the beauty of the girls’ features, ranging from just a few minutes to 15 minutes. I’ll be doing more of these, as I feel it to be a good exercise for me from time to time.

Beauty Faces

Beauty Faces 01

Beauty Faces 02

This set was done using Alias Sketchbook Pro:

Beauty Faces 03

About Administrator

Tom has worked for over two decades in television, advertising, and feature film animation. Tom was Character Sculptor and Effects Animator on the Warner Bros/Lorimar Gumby Adventures‚ TV series (1987-1988) and Gumby Movie‚ the stop-motion feature film (1991). In 1991 at Colossal Pictures, Tom's Animation Direction debut Coca-Cola Watch‚ won a Clio Award. In 2000 he became Co-Partner at Way Out West Prods in San Francisco. Tom joined Maverix Studios in October of 2002 and was a dedicated principal member of the group until September 2011. Tom is now an artist for hire.
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9 Responses to A donation, an interview and some sketches

  1. It is KalaaLog and its readers that is grateful, Tom. 🙂 Thanks!

    And the girls. Wohoo. 😛 Who does not love drawings of beautiful girls? And that too, a geek like me! 😛 Love them all.

  2. Ah, yes I just noticed the second “L” is uppercase, it has been corrected.

    Thanks for your continued visits, Mahesh. 🙂

  3. Etanie says:

    Very pretty portraits!

  4. Thank you, Etanie.


  5. leilani says:

    such brilliantsketches. They will help me with myart.thnxs

  6. leilani says:

    how long do they take? :):):)

  7. Thank you leilani!

    Each one varies in drawing time — maybe 10 to 20 minutes. The groupings of girl faces are equivalent to about an hour or so of sketching.

  8. RIGO says:

    thats a tight desight who long did it takes

  9. Thank you, RIGO. The drawings take 10-20 minutes each.

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