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A month or so ago I had watched a film from the early 90s, “Single White Female” and got the urge to do a drawing of one of the actresses. I wasn’t inspired by the film itself (pretty formulaic as films of that particular genre can be), but more by the youthful beauty therein. I looked for images of both Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh online and came across a striking photo of Bridget and opted to draw her. I wanted an opportunity to use some custom Photoshop brushes offered on Chris Wahl’s blog. Here she is:

Sketchbook Pro & Photoshop CS3

Another young performer recently caught my attention on the TV show “Mad Men”. Caity Lotz is a singer, dancer, actress and…stunt woman! I was surprised to find that out about her as I sought out images of her online. The inspiration to draw her was when I found a particular photograph that I thought would interpret well in pencil. So, I got my pencils out and rendered this:

HB mechanical pencil on acid free sketch pad

And last, but not least is Laura Vandervoort,”Supergirl” on the SmallVille TV show and also star on the Sci-Fi show “V”. This was done in Photoshop, again using Chris Wahl brushes. I joined in on a Drawingboard.org thread where a variety of artists are contributing their versions of the blonde beauty. Here’s my contribution:

Photoshop CS3

And there you have it. Another set of female celebrities that frankly, offer decent challenges in practicing likeness in a portrait and feeds the craving for viewing more lovelies of the opposite sex.

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