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I had this great opportunity to do some animatic layouts and animation on a Mike Smith designed and directed TV spot this summer. Working with 4 other animators through FFake LLC out of Portland, Oregon, this spot proved to be a big effort to produce fully animated characters in a retro style. Backgrounds by David Brandt.

Here’s the spot as posted on

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Tom has worked for over two decades in television, advertising, and feature film animation. Tom was Character Sculptor and Effects Animator on the Warner Bros/Lorimar Gumby Adventures‚ TV series (1987-1988) and Gumby Movie‚ the stop-motion feature film (1991). In 1991 at Colossal Pictures, Tom's Animation Direction debut Coca-Cola Watch‚ won a Clio Award. In 2000 he became Co-Partner at Way Out West Prods in San Francisco. Tom joined Maverix Studios in October of 2002 and was a dedicated principal member of the group until September 2011. Tom is now an artist for hire.
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13 Responses to Symbicort Commercial Animation

  1. Jenny Lerew says:

    Just saw this ad and wondered who’d done it-nice work! It’s such a rare pleasure to see new drawn character animation.

  2. Nicolette Nargesian says:

    I just saw this as well, and loved it. Beautiful animation.

  3. Thank you for looking this project up and the nice comment, Nicolette. Both you and Jenny have individually made my day when you posted.

  4. Michael DiBenedetto says:

    Man I love your animation style. Did you ever do any work on a full series?

  5. Michael,
    Sorry for the late reply. Did a little storyboard work on Back to the Future Cartoon series in the early 90s. A layout or two for Aeon Flux MTV liquid Television. But, the majority of my animation work over the years has been in Commercial advertisement. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Devin Sova says:

    I just saw this on TV tonight. It’s so refreshing to see animation this good crop up on television from time to time. Awesome work, sir! Your portfolio is amazing too by the way! I especially liked the Planet of the Apes face pieces (love those old movies). Keep up the great work.

  7. Thanks for stopping by and for the kind comments, Devin!

  8. Zinx3rd says:

    Yeah I was looking at the commercial and it was great! I animate myself and was looking for advise in the business aspect for getting started. This commercial inspired me to look up your amazing portfolio. Any tips for doing full-bodied work?

  9. Zinx3rd: Whenever I see new 2D animation on television it makes me happy, because I know it’s still alive and well. It’s an art that people want to see. My advice, keep the art alive by doing work of your own. Be prolific and keep doing what you’re doing now, networking. Find like-minded people to connect with – check out online places like Cartoon Brew and Animation Nation to name just a couple. You never know where that might lead you. Best of luck.

  10. John McMullin says:

    so what happens after the grandaddy wolf has a brilliant idea in front of the pig`s house?

  11. I’m sure the writers were thinking he’s gonna blow their house down. Only makes sense now that he can breathe.

  12. I love the Symbicort wolf commercial. Their faces and their expressions are great. It is a brilliant bit of animation. I love the original one without real people. Please don’t ever take it off . It is one of my favorite commercials.

  13. Jonathan D Estes says:

    I guess it makes sense that the idea (the light bulb) at the end of the commercial is about blowing the house down. The pigs are clearly worried that the wolf is going to do something they won’t like because they have unhappy faces and hide. But I was hoping for a happier ending – maybe wolf is going to blow up balloons as a good will gesture for the pigs. And he was inspired to do the balloons by the party he just attended. Or maybe, he runs home to get his trombone (now that he can breath better) so he can play for the pigs (we all know that the pigs play instruments, too). Or maybe his idea has nothing to do with the pigs…?

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